The cold and faceless Cosmos was never empty. In the very heart of itself it craddled the Spark and cared for it. It kept her slumbers and her sleep still and tight for Cosmos knew: when she would be awaken the world will never be the same. And in the moment it whispered "it's time" awaking her she grown a thousand times with the sound of it's voice - then Cosmos gave her a name- the Sun. She sighed deeply and thousands of her children - the Stars and her greatest chile- the Moon were born in her breath. And the Sun said to them: "Sing". And there was Blues. And in it the Earth with its whispering grass was born. And the Sun caressed it with its rays of gold. And the Man who lissened to the grass went out of the Earth's (bosom).The years and centuries passed. And people forgot all this. But some people felt.

And the Old Shaman was wandering and he met the Young Warrior. And they walked together listening to the grasses and answering to their voices and calls. And afterwhile they met the Pathfinder on their way. And he has become one of them and traveled with them cheering their hearts with his tricks and jokes and taking care of their rations by eating it. Many roads did they walk together that year. And they have become closer to the World. And once when they were making fire in their camp in the valley the Chief came down from the hills. And he asked the Old Shaman: “I am Chief but I got no tribe. Maybe you know where in the world I can find the Warrior and the Pathfinder?” And the Old Shaman answered: “They are here”.  “So let them follow me!” – said the Chief aloud. “But we’re on one road, aren’t we?” – asked Old Shaman. And then there were four. And the spark appeared to them. And they heard Blues that grass had whispered them about. And they knew that from now on they will have the Blues and the whisper of the grass and the roaring of the storm and the breath of silence within. And the Spark have smiled and it said: “Forever”.

Brief story
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