Dream for an absent love
A. Kovalyov
Lorelei Rock
A. Kovalyov
A. Dolgikh
Satan's Bride
A. Kovalyov
Push & Stick
A. Kovalyov

Check the door

1. Living high, high in the sky
In the castle made of dreams upon the crystal clouds
And your friend Brother Wind
Blowing through the deserts coloured with orange
Fragrance of  muscat is in the air
Livin high arent you livin fair
Just you and the wind and no-one more
But one day  you find someones  knocking at your door
Its so strange and frightening  you cant take it no more
You know you gotta, gotta check the door

2. (you know) it could be wolf or it could be a lamb
It could be just a poor man who needs a helping hand
It could be a bird or it could be a bee
Or maybe, girl, maybe it could be just me
Check the door

Oh, cant you see I wont do no wrong
To where your spirit lives
Well theres a place were all belong
Lets turn the real word into ya  land of dreams

3. The knocking is so delicate trying not to be rude
Not to interrupt you afraid to be misunderstood
But it catches your attention right from the start
cause its love thats knocking in your heart

4. Gotta check the door and take you by the hand
Flowers on our mind and it will never end
Nothing much to worry bout, we would never ask for more
Lets make our dreams come true, come on and check the door