Dream for an absent love
A. Kovalyov
Lorelei Rock
A. Kovalyov
A. Dolgikh
Satan's Bride
A. Kovalyov
Push & Stick
A. Kovalyov

Red House

Theres a Red House over yonder
Thats where my baby stays
Lord, theres a Red House over yonder
Lord, thats where my baby stays
I aint been home to see my baby,
in ninety nine and one half days.

Wait a minute somethings wrong here,
The key wont unlock the store.
Wait a minute somethings wrong,
Lord, have mercy, this key wont unlock this store,
somethings goin on here.
I have a bad bad feeling
that my baby dont live here no more.

Thats all right, we still got our guitars
Look out now...

Lord, I might as well go on back over yonder
Way back upon the hill
Lord, I might as well go on back over yonder
way back over yonder 'cross the hill,
Cause if my baby dont love me no more,
I know
I know
I know
her sister will
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