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A. Kovalyov

Five Minute Swing

Dear ser and madam,
I will sing a song.
Its about five minutes
And its just as long.
Let it fly above the country
And across the land or sea.
And you listen and just swing alone.

Minute one starts the song
Time to turn yourself to people.
Minute two if you accused
Now its the right time to forgive it.
Minute three and minute four
Lets prepare ourselves for future.
The New Year comes alone
So lets make a-hoochie-coochie.
Here it comes, here it comes
And I bet that you can hear it
Coming in within fifth minute.

Good old Santas quietly knocking at the door.
Drunken cowboys, they all sleep right on the floor.
This time they want get no presents.
Santas paying all the duce.
Granting nigers cause they know how to play the blues.

Here it comes. The clock strickes twelve oclock!